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Coffee Lovers

Spending long summers in the Sri Lankan sun, my mother’s iced coffee was a staple and yet mind-blowingly tasty drink. Later in life I felt an obligation to enlighten my family and friends with the same deliciousness. Therefore, I would always serve my mother’s traditional Sri Lanka iced coffee as a snack or dessert when we had guests. Over the years this grew to the stage where hosts would always ask if I could bring the coffee to parties and gatherings. During Covid we saw a substantial uptick in demand and our not-so-official coffee venture became what it is today - “Colombo Coffee House”. We have since added Sri Lankan snacks and canapes to the menu. We are the perfect addition to dinner parties and catered events.

For us, this isn’t just making coffee and snacks. This is an active life mission to bring the same magic we felt in Sri Lanka across the World so our customers can taste flavourful full-bodied beverages  and snacks. Serving the Greater London area from now until forever.

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